Your Source for ...

  • physical, emotional and spiritual healing

  • consultation for health and therapy support

  • an increase in awareness through the use
    of healing energies and unconditional love

Our Aim is...

... to return SELF-RESPECT to those who have mislaid it.

... to return INDEPENDENCE to those who have lost it.
... to return LOVE to those who have forgotten it.


Our goal is to fill the void inherently created when medical practices focus on physically and chemically oriented forms of treatment.



Malcolm's Philosophy

My approach is based on the understanding that full health is more than being physically well.

It is the result of successfully harmonizing the positive energies

of body, mind and spirit and this is beyond today's medical technology to achieve.



Mission Statement

I believe in a loving, creative Spirit existing through all that is, guiding and assisting the many creations in spiritual evolution to ensure creativity and love in place of destruction and selfishness.