"His voice touches your Soul"

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This meditation CD is another highlight by Malcolm Southwood. His five meditaions are designed to release you from fear, injustice and difficult relationships. The CD also includes in-depth healing meditations which return self-worth and love with positive affirmations. 


"As if you were sitting in his workshops"

(S.A. participant)


In this box of 10 DVD's Malcolm Southwood summarises his knowledge gained in 30 years of healing and shows you every single trick in detail. This way you can work on your own or with a friend and do some practical work together - it's fun.



Teach Me How To Love

This delightful book, Teach Me How To Love So I Can Heal, is a prescription for living life in perfect awareness. It was written because a young girl named Chrissie wanted to heal herself and learn more about spiritual love. She asked Malcolm S. Southwood, renowned spiritual healer and teacher, the questions the rest of us would like to ask a very wise teacher.

A Helping Hand With Children

In A Helping Hand With Children, Malcolm Southwood has written a sensitive, logical guide explaining children's reactions to how they are parented. He writes of the different personality types - the Serious Child, the Fun-loving Child, and the Passive Child - and how the way their basic needs are met determines their future responses as adults.

Pyramids Of The Mind

Chrissie’s back and as curious as ever!
Join Chrissie and Malcolm in their lively conversations as Chrissie learns about:

  • problems of fast or early birth
  • when and how spirit inhabits the body
  • subconscious: the controlling energy of memory
  • the relationships between pyramids and labyrinths, and sphinxes and minotaurs
  • the creative energy of spiritual awareness
  • spiritual changes occuring after death
  • angels, time, healing and more

The Healing Experience

In The Healing Experience, Malcolm Southwood describes his commonsense approach to spiritual healing and explains why it works. He uses dozens of successful cases from his own practice to illustrate his ideas and cut through the dogma that surrounds most of the healing world.

His cases include patients with spine trouble, tumors, phobias, arthritis, stress, injury, migraine, insomnia, weight problems, pain, psychosomatic illness, infertility, and much more.